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Hi Folks,
There are probably a dozen things we could have written about but this story was the most disturbing. I mean how do you accidentally put nuclear weapons on an aircraft??? And I’ve attached a very recent picture - from last Saturday’s opening Cal football game.

"While Americans have accepted the maintenance of a nuclear weapons stockpile since World War II, they have done so with the understanding that these weapons of mass destruction are tracked and kept secure using the best technology on the planet. So the report that 6 nuclear-armed Advanced Cruise Missiles were accidentally flown across the center of the country from North Dakota to Louisiana in an aging B-52 bomber was not exactly what any of us wanted to hear.

In fact, many experts and politicians have been told for years that this was impossible. We were told that safeguards applied to the American nuclear stockpile meant that no rogue nukes could ever originate here because the weapons were stored under extraordinary precautions. Now we’re all wondering about that. And a crash of the aging aircraft (6 have crashed carrying such weaponry in the past) would have almost certainly resulted in the leaking of deadly plutonium into the heartland of America.

Whether this was an intentional flexing of nuclear missile muscle as some have theorized (perhaps a reaction to the recent Russian resumption of TU-95 Bear bomber flights) or simply another example of the incompetence of the Bush administration, this underlines the continued danger that nuclear weapons pose despite any claimed safeguards."

Joe Falcone & Karri Kaiser
Community Activists from Half Moon Bay, California

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