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Nuclear Free Scotland Ocotober 2005


You know things have really gotten out of hand when the Brits come over here to debate W’s war. The Galloway versus Hitchens debate in New York was a treat - more on that at www.democracynow.org. W’s approval ratings are, as we say here, in the toilet - around 34-41%.

The republican strategists were eerily pleased about the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina (and their intentional lack of response to it) as it has distracted folks from the Iraq War quagmire, the Cindy Sheehan anti-war movement (with the big rally Sept 24), and the Karl Rove CIA Agent leak investigation (due to report in October) as well as the Safavian & Abramoff scandals. And now we hear that Bush’s Brain (Karl Rove) has been appointed czar of the “federal rebuilding” of New Orleans. Sheesh!

As you can well imagine, support for the war has collapsed (32% and falling) as the number of dead and injured has risen and the government has resisted providing any insight into what future plans they may have for withdrawal. And, in the wake of one of the largest natural disasters in American history, W still wants to cut income and estate taxes further (mainly for the very rich - the top 2%) and cut health and welfare benefits for the poor. Talk about poor timing...

We’ve been getting by listening to our new progressive radio network - Air America Radio - which has been around for about 2 years (you can also listen at www.airamericaradio.com).
Joe & Karri
Joe Falcone and Karri Kaiser are community activists from Half Moon Bay, California. During the time of the Gulf War 1991 they lived in Glasgow and attended several demonstrations. Joe writes CoasTekViews at joefalcone.blogspot.com.


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