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Nuclear Free Scotland Ocotober 2005


The SCND Executive, after extensive discussion in May and June, made the decision to upgrade its IT system by buying in a system from a specialist company. The work pattern of the office has changed over recent years so that we have become more dependent on the Internet, emails and the membership and contacts database for our day to day functioning. It became apparent that we had outgrown our existing system which was time consuming to maintain and frustrating. Moreover, much of the hardware, such as screens and PCs, was due for replacement.
We soon came to the conclusion that we needed a server based system built around the MicroSoft Small Business solution. Unfortunately we had to eliminate the alternative and free LINUX based system because there appeared to be no company in the area who could provide a complete LINUX based solution i.e. to install the hardware, configure the system and applications and provide training for the users.
We tracked down two companies who offered discounts to the voluntary sector and requested quotes for a complete upgrade. The two bids came in close and after further negotiations we decided to use WinterMute Consultancy. I can report that, after ironing out the inevitable teething troubles, SCND can boast a smoothly working, leading edge system which will hopefully last for the next 5 years.
Mike Martin


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