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When American talk show host (and arguably the most powerful woman in entertainment) Oprah Winfrey announced that she would endorse and actively campaign for Democratic Senator Barack Obama, it was said at the time that this would maybe influence 1% of voters. While we don’t think the O- factor was solely responsible for Senator Obama’s convincing victory in the Iowa caucuses (think coffee circle, except folks are picking the president of the United States), the results indicated a desire from the electorate for change. Further pressing the point was former Senator John Edwards second place finish just ahead of the heavy favorite Sena- Pundits are now Joe Falcone & Karri Kaiser tor (and former First Lady) Hillary Clinton.

Pundits are now trying to explain just what happened to Senator Clinton in Iowa given that she had the benefits of the best financed operation, most experienced staff, and the campaign support of her husband former President Bill Clinton. The short version is that this is change winning out over experience, but it is really about different views of what American foreign and domestic policy should be. Senator Clinton voted for both the Iraq war resolution and a 2007 resolution that could lead to an invasion of Iran. Americans have had enough of that nonsense.

On the Republican side, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee rallied Christian fundamentalists to literally come out of nowhere and defeat another well-financed campaign, that of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. The so- called “Mayor of America” Rudy Giuliani decided not to contest Iowa and is focusing his campaign efforts on the Super Tuesday primaries on February 5.

Barack Obama

Meanwhile, the man-child who is supposed to be President is doing everything he can to mess up what’s left of the American federal government, vetoing every bill that doesn’t do precisely what he wants, in cluding one expanding health care coverage for uninsured children (we don’t have universal health care here).

Joe Falcone and Karri Kaiser

Community activists from Half Moon Bay




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