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Nuclear Power: a dangerous distraction

CND welcomed the Government’s energy review. But it condemned the logic of favouring the least safe, unsustainable nuclear option. It warned that if the review is to be successful, it must include the real questions and issues we face in looking for a sustainable and clean solution to our environmental and energy needs. Nuclear power is a dangerous distraction.
In particular it it not the answer to climate change. It is not free from carbon emissions and new power stations would not come on stream for at least 10 years. It threatens the environment and people’s health. No safe solution has yet been devised to store its carcinogenic toxic radioactive waste, some of which remains dangerous for thousands of years. It also leaves us vulnerable to the possibility of nuclear accidents or even terrorist attack.

A safe mix of renewable energy sources, cleaned up fossil fuels and energy efficiency measures - all of which are safe, effective and proven technologies - are available now. Already Germany, a leading industrial nation, is closing its nuclear power stations and moving to reliance on a non-nuclear mix.


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