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CND groups round-up

The Ceilidh Place continues to be the hub of activity for Ullapool CND

Edinburgh CND held its AGM in December and the meeting was addressed by Rob Edwards (New Scientist and Sunday Herald) on the issue of Nuclear Power and the connection with nuclear weapons. We continue to work closely with other Edinburgh groups, in particular Edinburgh Stop the War in campaigning for an end to the war in Iraq and, more recently, against the CIA ‘rendition’ or torture flights. We meet on the first Monday of every month in the Peace and Justice Centre, St John’s Church (corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road) at 7.30pm. On the second Saturday of the month we hold a peace vigil outside St John’s Church from 11.30 to 12.30pm.

Ayrshire CND meet on Third Monday of each month at 7.30p.m. Phone Arthur West on 07803936228 for more details. The group has recently written to Ayrshire M.Ps asking for their views on Trident Replacement. The group also held a recent Public Meeting on the N.P.T. addressed by Chris Ballance MSP and Rosemary Byrne MSP.

Helensburgh CND has a book stall in the town five times a year which draws people in and then gives us a chance to talk about the nuclear weapons based just up the road at Faslane. In November we distributed white poppies from our stall and in December we had the new Trident replacement petition out. The group finished the year off with an enjoyable Christmas party.

We have already started making plans for a public meeting about Trident replacement in the spring and we hope to get the very good art exhibition that Ayrshire CND put together for Helensburgh library later in the year. Our group has signed the letter of support for the Faslane 365 blockade and we wait to see what practical help we can give to that.

Stirling CND. On 6th August at our Hiroshima commemoration Jamie Wardrop movingly read out the following words:
This is not a thing of the past
A mere museum of infamy
Three hundred yards from here
Atomic weapons eight times the power of the Hiro

shima and Nagasaki bombs
Pass the King’s Knot roundabout like ordinary traffic
Under the protection of Central Scotland Police,
(Working Together for Safer Communities),
And at the hell’s kitchens in Livermore, Los Alamos and Aldermaston
They are even now preparing the next stage
Something smarter
Something to make nuclear war manageable,
And they are getting away with it.

Against so much blankness and negation
Our own negations of the negation
Not me, not here, not in my name.
Sparkle in the darkness
Fireflies of hope

In Stirling CND we would like to hold up a brighter blaze, but we do keep on sparkling, whether it is Jeely Peace dishing out endless drinks at Faslane, tending the street stall outside M&S, tackling the issue of Trident replacement with the Church of Scotland’s David Sinclair at our AGM, or noising up our elected representatives.
Recently we have been responding to the challenge of Faslane 365, the plan to blockade Faslane continuously for a year, beginning in October. While more than a little daunted by its scale and ambition, we have come out in support. After all, it is against nuclear weapons and for peace! When we meet later this month we will work out just what our contribution is going to be.

Glasgow West CND held a recent successful public meeting in Hillhead library with US peace activist Bruce Gagnon. In December we were involved in street campaigning on 2 successive Saturdays against Trident replacement with petitions, leaflets and postcards to be sent to MPs and MSPs.
We organise a Saturday stall once a month with leaflets and petitions.


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