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How Britain could diversify away from defence

The Internet is a marvellous source of official government information, for example, according to NATO Britain has a high level of defence expenditure per person compared to other European countries as illustrated in the chart below.

This level of expenditure has a negative impact on other areas of UK society, for example, according to the EU website the UK compares badly with other European countries in terms of pupil-teacher ratio in primary education as illustrated by the chart below:

If the Government adjusted defence expenditure to be in line with that of Germany then the Treasury would have an additional £14 billion to spend which could double the budget for the three departments of Transport, the Environment and Culture and Sport as per chart below.

If the £14Bn saved from defence is apportioned across the UK according to population with weighting given to areas of low per capita income then Scotland would be in line for an additional £2Bn per annum. This would pay for much needed civilian sector infrastructure upgrades or investment into building up Scotland’s embryonic sustainable energy industry. Workers from defence could be transferred and, if necessary, retrained to work in the newly created areas of economic activity.

Mike Martin

High levels of defence expenditure fund the deployment of British troops across the world

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