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Vanunu Poems

SCND is supporting Survivors’ Press in yet another publication, following the successful launch of the 60/60 anthology last year, this time poems by Mordechai Vanunu, of whom Kate Hudson, Chair of British CND said ‘Mordechai Vanunu is an inspiration. He took a stand for peace and for the safety of the world. Eighteen years after Vanunu revealed Israel’s nuclear weapons programme to the world, Israel is still allowed to neither confirm nor deny its nuclear arsenal, despite having an estimated 200 nuclear warheads.’
Details of the publication are given below. To order your copy contact Gerry Loose at dharma46@hotmail.com (or write to him at 2/R 5 West Bank Quadrant, Glasgow G12 8NT).

I am your Spy

Poems in English & Hebrew by Mordechai Vanunu, with Arabic versions by Bouzekri Ettaouchi (first ever in Arabic) together with a poem by Tom Leonard (first read at the installation of Mr Vanunu as Rector of University of Glasgow and published here for the first time) together with a free DVD Voices for Vanunu by Camcorder Guerrillas of readings by Alasdair Gray, James Kelman, Liz Lochhead, Tom Leonard, Gerry Loose & Agnes Owens filmed at Oran Mor, Glasgow during the election campaign - all for the amazing sum of £2.00 per copy.

Beam me up Scotty

Beam me up Scotty ‘cos I’ve had enough
This whole damned earth is getting far too rough!
There’s a whole in the ozone and my hope is all gone
They’ve taken all our wealth to make nuclear bombs.

People can’t agree on anything today
They cut it, burn or blow it clean away.
Whether it’s living or already dead
They just remove it to make more “bread”.

“All for progress”, is there excuse.
This is there licence for sheer abuse.
Some things can’t be bought in a New Year sale.
Like soil, air or water or even a whale.

Everything’s going for wholesale slaughter.
The stuff of life for our sons and daughters.
The future’s being sold for a dollar today,
So beam me up Scotty; I don’t want to stay!

Roderick McCafferty

Library Check-up

Recently the Education Committee sent two leaflets,one on Scotland’s for Peace and one on Trident to Local Authorities for distribution to their libraries.We would like readers to check if these are available in their local libraries,if not to ask why and then to report to Anne Clarke (email
acclarke6@btopenworld.com or phone 0141 649 7365).

The Councils to which leaflets were sent are: Aberdeen,Angus,Dumfries and
Galloway,East Ayrshire,East
Lothian, Edinburgh, Fife(east), Highland, Inverclyde, Midlothian, Nairn,Lanark,Orkney,Scottish Borders,West Dunbarton,West Lothian.
Kenneth McNeil


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