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Two New SCND Education Packs

Last year the Education Committee produced a highly successful education pack on Hiroshima. This year we are producing two packs, one to mark the 20th anniversary of the nuclear accident at Chernobyl (due out on 24th April) and the other on energy issues (due out on 8 May). The contents of the two packs are given below. To order your copy, please contact Anne Clarke (acclarke6@btopenworld.com) or the SCND office.

Contents of Chernobyl Pack
1. Introductory note for teachers
2. Two poems by Mario Petrucci from his sequence on Chernobyl, Heavy Water
3. Detailed questions and notes on the poems, which have been discussed with the poet
4. A DVD based on the Heavy Water sequence and filmed at and around Chernobyl (first 40 packs)
5. A booklet produced by Scottish CND on the accident at Chernobyl
6. The recent news release by the World Health Organisation on its report on the aftermath of the accident at Chernobyl twenty years on
7. The executive summary of The Other Report on Chernobyl commissioned by the Greens/EFA in the European Parliament

Contents of Energy Issues Pack
1. Seven factsheets: Energy Dilemmas, Non-renewable Energy, Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy, Distributing and Conserving Energy: Alternatives, Free Ways to Save Energy, Appliance Energy Use
2. Three lesson plans and supporting material: Pros and Cons of Nuclear Energy, Energy and the Environment, Saving Energy
3. Three posters: Pros and cons of nuclear energy, Decentralised Energy, How energy is wasted
4. Two newspaper articles: One in favour of nuclear the other in favour of wind power and page of letters in response.
5. Free copy of New International with article on nuclear power, for first 40 packs ordered
Suggested activities, glossary, notes on sources, teachers notes, list of web-sites.



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