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Transporting nuclear weapons on Scotland’s roads

Before the election, there was hope that there might be sufficient support in the new Parliament for a successful Bill to prohibit the transportation of nuclear weapons on Scotland’s roads. Chris Balance, the former Green MSP, had done work on possible legislation. The arithmetic in the Parliament now makes it unlikely that the legislation envisaged would gain sufficient support at this stage. It does not follow that no action can be taken.

Nukewatch has gathered detailed information about the convoys over the past decade and has tried to publicise this (now on UTube) but there has been very little media or political interest. You might think that having nuclear weapons passing through our towns and cities might be of some public interest. The problem is that the public don’t know.

One option that emerged from the workshop would be viable for the new Scottish Government. They could establish an inquiry or commission a report into the transportation of nuclear warheads on public highways in Scotland. The suggested terms of reference are:

1To gather information on the
frequency and the routes used by the nuclear convoys

(since Nukewatch already has much of this information, it can hardly be regarded as secret)

2To make an assessment of
the risks.

3To review the emergency
planning arrangements relating to the convoys.

This would both gather together important information and put it firmly in the public domain. The report could then be submitted to Holyrood for debate and also to those local authorities through which the weapons are transported.

The workshop thought that this request should go from SCND to the Scottish Government.

Isobel Lindsay

Nuclear Free Scotland Magazine - June 2007

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