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Scotland’s Covenant for Peace

During most of the Bin the Bomb Roadshow events, a clipboard went round with the Scotland’s for Peace declaration. People were happy to sign it and give their contact details, perhaps because it did not request any commitment to a particular group or political party, just to our shared view of the kind of Scotland we would like to be part of.

While by today’s standards the Covenanters may be regarded as prejudiced or religiously intolerant, the point at issue was surely the anger felt by ordinary people at being dictated to in what was a matter of conscience. They chose to witness, through their signatures, their resistance.

We can do this today, and give our Parliament a mandate, to let Westminster hear the Scottish voice and to record for posterity how Scottish people can and do want real global security.

Scotland’s for Peace is taking the signatures forward, and Alasdair Gray has produced inspiring and beautiful artwork for books which will be used to collect signatures at different venues - churches, union offices, workplaces, mosques, colleges and museums. People from all walks of life can sign the Scottish Peace Covenant.

On 11th August, there will be an 11.00am till 11pm event at Wiston Lodge to launch the Covenant, with workshops and discussion during the day leading into an evening of cultural events including the formal launch, traditional music, poetry and plenty chance for discussion and interaction, within the Lodge and its environs. Good food will be available. The Woodcraft Folk will organise a children’s camp, and older school students and young adults will have a programme as well.

Wiston Lodge is a former Victorian Hunting Lodge, with large rooms, open fires to sit round, and a large games hall. Outside, 55 acres of wonderful woodlands, gardens, campsites and woodland trails. Its focus is experiential education for children, young people and adults. It logo is an acorn, to symbolise growth, shelter and oak trees, for the future.

Comfortable overnight accommodation is available on both nights, and there is plenty of room for camping. There will be some transport available from Edinburgh and Glasgow, and we encourage the use of public transport.
We anticipate a celebratory and memorable peace occasion for all ages and interests. Mark your diary now! For information about Wiston and the event, or to get involved in helping out, please contact Janet Fenton at the Edinburgh Peace & Justice Centre, 0131 229 0993 or John Ainslie 0141 423 1222.

Janet Fenton

Nuclear Free Scotland Magazine - June 2007

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