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Building a Culture of Peace

In this newly published book of poetry, Jim Aitken shows all the passion and commitment of his earliers years in Scottish CND and the anti-war movement. Through all the verse run certain key themes - a hatred of war, of the abuse of power which war represents and a hatred of nuclear weapons. Just as strongly expressed is his abhorrence of racism, islamophobia and the demonisation of people from other lands and other cultures. And at the same time the poems indicate a solidarity with those whose lives have been turned into a living nightmare by war and occupation such as the people of Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

The launch of the book to a packed audience at Craigmount High School on 25th April, was a festival of powerful and moving verse from Jim Aitken and several other poets. Often musicians, actors, writers and poets can communicate simple and power ful messages better than all the demonstartions, rallies, long walks and blockades put together. To build a really broad movement for change that will be irresistable we need to win the political arguments. But we also need to win the spiritual and cultural dimension which underpins so much of human activity.

‘Protest in harmony’ performing at the Bin the Bomb rally in February


Neptune’s Staff & other formations by Jim Aitken is published by Scottish CND. £6 p&p from Scottish CND, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow G41 1QH

Nuclear Free Scotland Magazine - June 2007

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