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Letter from America

In the November election, Democrats took back the House and the Senate, and Bush now has to explain to his base how he is going to handle things now that “the terrorists have won.” He’s been a pretty awful loser, even saying that the “terrorists should take no comfort” in the Democrats’ victory. Then Bush fires Rumsfeld the day AFTER the election - he really must be the most arrogant leader in the world.

Local member of congress, Nancy Pelosi, (D) San Francisco, becomes the first woman and the first Californian to be Speaker of the House of Representatives, an enormously powerful position. All federal spending legislation originates in the House and her team now controls the agenda, the rules and the majority. She is also next in line to the Presidency after Dick Cheney. And America has their first independent Socialist Senator with Bernie Sanders of Vermont. As Bernie himself has said, he stands for the restoration of democracy to this country.

America suffered its 3000th death in the illegal war at the end of 2006 - a sobering reminder that Bush has ignored (and sometimes ridiculed) the recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group [no one appointed to the ISG opposed the war in 2003] that spent 9 months studying the situation there and finally released its report in December. On New Years’ Eve, Frank Davies wrote in the San Jose Mercury News, “How many soldier deaths will the public tolerate?” and “The Iraq Study Group report and other evidence show that the war has been a series of disasters.” And now Bush intends to present (after much delay so he could have a comfortable holiday in Texas), a proposal for a 22 thousand troop surge in Iraq for the next 6, 9, 12 or who-knows-how-many months (planning has never been his strong point). Stay tuned.

Joe Falcone & Karri Kaiser
the community activists living in Half Moon Bay, California


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