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John Morgan, peacemaker

John was a man of integrity; his principles were sound and formed the basis of his thinking, his actions and his ideals. If John had been granted two wishes he would have chosen to eradicate poverty and to ensure world peace. Material wealth meant nothing to him.
He was generous in spirit, rarely rushing to judge. John saw the dignity in others, especially those marginalised in our society. He understood the burden of circumstances on life chances. He was most generous with his time supporting others to achieve academic goals and to challenge injustice. John knew more than most that the route out of poverty was education and that poverty was no barrier to intelligence.

A life-long campaigner for peace, John forged friendships with the Japanese Buddhist community. Hiroshima, an example of “man’s inhumanity to man”- was one of John’s frustrations. John and his family survived the Clydebank blitz and this left him with an abhorrence of war. A wonderful father, grandfather, great-grandfather, too, John lived for his family and found time for one of the most noble ambitions for humankind- world peace.

Aileen Nisbet


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