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Delusional foreign policy

Blair and Bush - more dangerous with their backs against the wall

As we go to press, political leaders on both sides of the Atlantic have again shown their contempt for public opinion. Speaking on HMS Albion in Plymouth, Tony Blair talked of a generation-long struggle against militant Islam and said British troops must be prepared to continue to fight more foreign wars in the future. He warned that Britain’s armed forces must not be relegated to ‘peace keeping’ operations or the country’s global influence would be reduced.

The speech was clearly timed to co-incide with President Bush’s announcement of a troop ‘surge’ to Iraq. Bush’s decision to compound an already failed policy was taken in the face of growing opposition from his joint chiefs of staff, both houses of congress and overwhelming US public opinion. At the same time he appears to have opened a new front in the ‘War on Terror’ with a US sponsored Ethiopian invasion of Somalia under US air cover and the US missile strikes on southern Somalia. This is nothing less than an act of international banditry.

CND chair, Kate Hudson, attacked Blair’s ‘messianic vision’ of endless war as ‘a disaster for the British people, our armed forces and, worst of all, those peoples upon whom war will be waged.’

All of which should remind us that despite the heavy defeat for US and UK policy in the Middle East and the growing opposition to war and intervention across the world, Bush and Blair have chosen to learn no lessons. With no political futures and nothing to lose, these men could yet try to rescue their historical legacy with one further drive to war. The world will remain a dangerous and unpredictable place while these zealots cling to power.


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