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Bobby Harrison

Bobby harrison (left) sitting demonstrating alongside his wife Margaret and her sister, Elizabeth Burnett, who last year celebrated her 100th birthday

obby Harrison was a lifelong peace activist who died in July 2006. He and his wife Margaret met at a youth hostel while he was working in the Forestry Commission in 1942. He was a member of CND, Christian CND, Anglican Pacifists and the Fellowship of Reconciliation. The couple participated in all the Aldermaston demonstrations from the early days of CND. He wrote regularly to the local newpapers and was described as a veteran campaigner by the local press. He was involved in the original peace camp at Holy Loch and was later instrumental in setting up Faslane Peace Camp, living there under canvas for several months. Every Chistmas he visited the Peace Camp. He and Margaret were arrested many times at actions at Holy Loch and Faslane. In 1981 he went on the Peace Pilrgimmage from Iona to Canterbury which took 6 weeks, holding meetings and handing out leaflets along the way. He was given the Freedom of Dumbarton District in 1985 because of his work for peace. The couple celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary in 2005. The Provost of Dumbarton writing in the local paper after his death said that ‘his name was synonymous with everything the peace movement represents. Dumbarton and Scotland is poorer for his passing and richer for his life contribution.’

Margaret Harrison


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