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Its time to stand up and be counted

But we have a right to expect more than just pious words from our MPs and MSPs. Replacing Trident is not a party political issue. It’s an issue of principle and basic morality. These are weapons of indisciminate mass slaughter aimed at civilian populations across the world. To use or even threaten to use them would be a grotesque crime against humanity. So when Labour MPs and MSPs say that they are opposed to Trident renewal, and then repeatedly vote with their party leaderships against anti-Trident motions, we must call them to account. The Scottish people will judge them by their actions not their empty words. And in the Scottish Parliament elections in May where Trident will be one of the big issues, New Labour could pay a heavy price for its unprincipled stand.

And to those who argue that we need multilateral rather than unilateral nuclear disarmament, we say this. There are no multilateral disarmament talks, nor does the White Paper - The Future of the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent - propose them. Indeed, the White Paper seeks to defend nuclear weapons as a matter of principle and makes the case for keeping them for the next 50 years.

If the real intention is multilateral disarmament then embarking on a new generation of nuclear weapons is a very strange way of going about it and it is sending all the wrong messages around the world.

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