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Scotland’s Long Walk for Peace

Faslane to the Scottish Parliament
14th – 19th September

Between October and December 2006 the Government will decide whether Britain should continue to have nuclear weapons. Before the end of the year they will publish a White Paper on the bomb. This is expected to announce that new submarines will be built and that nuclear weapons will be upgraded or replaced. The White Paper is also likely to propose that nuclear weapons should be based in Scotland for the next 40 years.

While the Government decides what to do with Trident, Scots will be considering how to vote in the Scottish election, due in May 2007. The Peace Walk will ask the Scottish Parliament to oppose the replacement of Trident. Although Defence is a reserved issue, Holyrood could send a strong message to London.

The walk will not just focus on the Scottish Parliament. Members of the public will be asked to sign cards which will be delivered to local MPs. Shortly after the walk the political parties hold their annual conferences.

The walk is an opportunity to tell people across Scotland about Trident and the plans to replace it. It will demonstrate the extent of opposition to nuclear weapons before Westminster MPs make their final decision early in 2007.

The walk is organised by Scotland’s for Peace. This is a joint initiative by Scottish peace, religious, trade union and other organisations. It already has support from the Church of Scotland and the current Moderator Alan McDonald will join in the final section of the walk. In addition it is supported by local Catholic churches and Justice and Peace Scotland and

UNISON Scotland. Bruce Kent and CND Chair Kate Hudson will take part as well as a range of musicians, including traditional band “Back of the Moon”. Scottish CND and the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre are coordinating the walk.


19 MSPs have said they will join or meet the walkers and 15 others have said they support the walk. 7 Scottish MPs have also indicated their support. Please write to your elected representatives, tell them about the walk and encourage them to take part.

You don’t need to be able to walk the whole distance, 85 miles, in order to take part. Please come along and walk a short distance or meet the walkers. If you can, please take part in the “Bin the Bomb” march and rally on Saturday 16 March, when the walk goes through Glasgow city centre, or the final stage of the walk to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 19 March.

In addition to taking part in the walk, we are also looking for people support the walk. If you can provide local accomodation, please let us know. Drivers are needed to drive a hired van and minibus and also drivers with their own car. Assistance is needed with providing food and hot drinks, first aid, stewarding and banner making.

Please help to publicise the walk. Leaflets and posters are available both for the walk and for the ‘Bin the Bomb’ march and rally on 16 Sept. Inform local papers – if you live close to the walk route tell them about it, if you live elsewhere and are travelling to join the walk then let your local paper know.

In Arran the local group are organising a walk across part of the island the weekend before the Long Walk for peace and the local MP is taking part.

For a detailed briefing on the walk please contact:
Scotland’s for Peace, 15 Barrland St, Glasgow, G41 1QH, 0141 433 2821, info@scotland4peace.org www.scotland4peace.org
Where to join Scotland’s Long Walk for Peace - see page 11.
John Ainslie



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