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Letter from America

World War III? Yep, that was the Republican talking point as the other war in the Middle East took off in earnest. After seeing their strategy of scaring the daylights out of the American people on the basis of frequent warnings of imminent terrorist attacks essentially fail in the polls, the Republicans resort to the ultimate in scare tactics – marking the conflict as the beginning of World War III.

Except there is just one problem with that strategy. If it is WWIII, then why bother to vote, or campaign, or raise funds for the November elections. Seems pointless to do so. Heck of a waste of money to pay for campaign posters if they are all going to be vaporized by the nukes. Such is our sense of thrift. So that talking point lasted about a day or so.

We’re now only 3 months away from our mid-term house and senate elections where the whole House of Representatives but only 1/3 of the Senate is at stake. Republicans only have a 6-seat majority in the Senate and a 15-seat majority in the House. National Public Radio (www.npr.org) did a bi-partisan poll of the 50 most-contested house seats and found that the Republicans will probably lose ALL of them to the Democrats (see chart below), except there is a concern that the now ubiquitous electronic voting machines may be rigged as test after test have shown significant vulnerabilities (see www.blackboxvoting .org). But on every measure, the Republicans are losing the hearts and minds of the average American.

Finally, Senator and former candidate for Vice President Joe Lieberman is finally getting recognition for his support of the Iraq war – he’s going to lose his seat. MoveOn.org and other liberal groups have supported his opponent in the democratic primary, Ned Lamont, who is now leading in opinion polls and is expected to win the Democratic primary on August 8. In that first indication of a landslide, the New York Times has just endorsed Lamont. Bye bye Joe!

Joe Falcone & Karri Kaiser




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