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New Education
Pack on Trident

The two packs already produced by the Education Committee this year have proved even more successful than last year’s education pack on Hiroshima. As an accompaniment to Scotland’s Long Walk for Peace year we are producing an additional pack on the Trident debate, aimed primarily for use by schools along the route of the Long Walk. The pack, which should be ready by Friday 11 August, will include material suitable for use by Modern Studies, RME and English departments, and/or for use in Citizenship lessons.

The contents of the pack are given below. To order your copy, please contact the SCND office.

Contents of Trident Pack

The SCND Education Committee does vital work in providing schools with educational material on current nuclear issues. The committee meets once a month in Glasgow. From November there will be a vacancy on this committee, with the resignation of Anne Clarke. If you would like to be involved in this very important and rewarding work, please contact Anne Clarke. You don’t need to be based in Glasgow, provided you are willing to contribute (in person or by email) to discussing and producing material, as required. Please do give serious thought to joining us, if only for a given period of time. You can make a difference!


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