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Banning the Bomb or Assuring Destruction?

The UK's proposed replacement for Trident may seem to be simply another infuriating example of a Westminster decision to ignore the clearly expressed opinion of Scottish elected representatives, but while it certainly is that, it needs to be seen as a choice that impacts across the world.

READ THE REPORT: http://www.banthebomb.org/docs/banningthebombreport.pdf

Don't Bank on the Bomb - Stop Funding the End of the World


Our friends at Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland have created a guide which is a resource for those who want to get involved in the divestment movement in Scotland. The aim of the movement is to persuade Scottish companies and organisations to stop providing financial support in the form of loans and investments to companies who are involved in the production of nuclear weapons, which will in turn pressurise these companies to halt production. Divestment has been shown to work in the case of cluster munitions. 

You can read the full report here.

You can read more about Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland here.

Trident Shambles

The Trident renewal programme is not only politically controversial; it is also in a state of chaos.  Throughout its first nine years this huge and very expensive project has been badly managed. The Ministry of Defence (MOD) have significantly downplayed the true cost and underestimated how long it will take to build nuclear-armed submarines.  Among other things, a serious defect found at the submarine prototype reactor in Dounreay in 2012 has disrupted the Navy’s nuclear plans and staff shortages are compounding the problems of this troubled project.

Download report (pdf)