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Don't Bank on the Bomb - 2019 Report

Don't Bank on the Bomb Scotland is a network of individuals campaigning for Scottish organisations and financial institutions to divest from companies that are involved in the production and maintenance of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. 

They have updated their report for 2019 to include up to date information on the nuclear weapons investments of local authority pension funds and universities that have investments in nuclear weapons producers.



Radiation Risks and Nuclear Power in Scotland



Scottish CND's Radiation Risks working group have released a report on Radiation Risks and Nuclear Power in Scotland which is available to read: http://www.banthebomb.org/docs/radioactiverisks-v3.pdf

Or you can order printed copies from our office.


Alliances, Power and Peace in a Changing World

Ours is an era of change, change actual, change possible and change threatened. All of it brings challenge to Scots who want peace and are ready to work for it. In this pamphlet we will try to tease out the questions and suggest the principles on which we might base our responses. 

READ THE REPORT: http://www.banthebomb.org/docs/alliancesreport.pdf