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UK Cleared Nuclear Cargo to Iran

British officials have allowed the export to Iran of a cargo of radioactive material that experts believe could be used in a nuclear weapons programme

Norway Culling Nuclear Shares

Norway has stopped investing in seven companies involved in the production of nuclear weapons. It is no longer investing money, via its state pension

Benedict XVI: \'Peace on Earth Requires Nations to Disarm\'

From His Holiness the Pope\'s first New Year message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace The truth of peace requires that all - whether

Wilson Planned To Survive Nuclear War At Corsham

More light has been thrown on how Britain would have been run from a bunker under Corsham if the Cold War had turned hot and nuclear weapons had been

There Must be a Debate about Nuclear Arms - Herald Letter

The SNP is reportedly trying to force a debate in the Commons about the replacement of Trident. It beggars belief that there should not be a debate a

Trident Protest Cost £11,000

A protest against Trident nuclear submarines has left taxpayers with a bill for more than £11,000, according to official figures. Activists, led by

Sub Commander Bullied Crew on Secret Mission

THE commanding officer of a Royal Navy nuclear-powered submarine has been charged with bullying members of his crew while engaged in a highly sensitiv

bunker buster experiment

The final agreement on the US nuclear weapons budget shows that an experiment to test the impact of the proposed bunker-buster bomb will be carried ou

GMB oppose Trident Replacement

In a letter to the Guardian, published on 30 December, the Acting Secretary of the GMB union opposed plans to replace Trident, and distinguished this

1970s nuclear war plans revealed

Plans detailing how Britain would be run during a nuclear war are among files declassified by the National Archives. The Prime Minister and civil s