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bunker buster experiment

The final agreement on the US nuclear weapons budget shows that an experiment to test the impact of the proposed bunker-buster bomb will be carried ou

GMB oppose Trident Replacement

In a letter to the Guardian, published on 30 December, the Acting Secretary of the GMB union opposed plans to replace Trident, and distinguished this

1970s nuclear war plans revealed

Plans detailing how Britain would be run during a nuclear war are among files declassified by the National Archives. The Prime Minister and civil s

SNP call for debate on Trident Replacement

The Scottish National Party are planning to launch a cross-party bill in the new year which would call for full parliamentary scrutiny of government p

Use of Trident Would be Illegal

The use of a Trident nuclear missile, or its successor, would breach international law, the government is warned today. Even the threat to use nuclear

AWE Aldermaston - Laser Facility - Call for a Public Inquiry

Act Now to Stop the Next Generation of Nuclear Weapons West Berkshire Council at their last Planning Meeting (23/11/05) deferred their consideratio

Call On UK Government To Meet Own WMD Commitments

SNP Defence spokesperson Angus Robertson MP has tabled a Motion calling on the Government to meet its international commitments to eradicating nuclear

Nobel Prize Winner - \" Nuclear Weapons Should Have No Role\"

From the acceptance speech delivered at the Nobel Awards Ceremony in Oslo by Mohamed Elbaradei, head of the IAEA, winner of the 2005 Peace Prize:-

US Frigate Fires at Scottish Cargo Boat

AN American warship fired four warning shots across the bow of a tiny Scots cargo boat - just a mile off the coast of Rhum. The USS Klakring radioe

MPs Dismiss US Torture Denials as \'Disingenuous\' and \'Beyond Belief\'

Assurances by Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, that America did not send detainees abroad for torture were dismissed last night by a Cross