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Peace Education Worker

The Christian Peace Education Fund and Pax Christi the International Catholic Movement for Peace (British Section), are seeking to appoint a Peace Edu

Trident - Hansard 27 Feb 2006

Mr. Chaytor: To ask the Secretary of State for Defence if he will make a statement on the future of Trident. [53954] John Reid: I refer the hon. Me

MOD Exercise - Neptune Warrior

The Ministry of Defence are holding another military exercise in Scottish waters. ScotlandÂ’s peaceful west coast has been transformed into a hotbed of

Scottish Parliament motion on major military exercise

Please encourage MSPs to support the following motion: S2M-4048 Eleanor Scott (Highlands and Islands) (Green) : Neptune Warrior Military Exercise

IAEA Inconclusive on Iran\'s Nuclear Aims

A Report by the United Nations nuclear watchdog says that after three years of investigation, it is still unable to verify whether Iran\'s nuclear aim

Germany handed Iraq\'s Defence Plans to US Invaders

A Report in the New York Times based on a dossier compiled by the US Joint Forces Command, disclosed that in February 2003, German intelligence agents

CND Condemns Latest US/UK Nuclear Test

CND has condemned the “sub-critical” test of nuclear weapon components at the Nevada Test Site. The test, a joint venture of Britain’s Atomic Weapons

US ships to shell Cape Wrath

Three US warships are taking part in a major exercise all around the coast of Scotland from 26 February to 9 March. The MoD has issued a notice sayin

Scottish Parliament motion on nuclear weapon test

Sandra White MSP has put down the following motion in the Scottish Parliament. Please ask your MSPs to support this. S2M-4009 British and American

British nuclear test on 23 February 2006

On 23rd February Krakatau will erupt 1000 feet below the ground at the Nevada test site. Krakatau is a joint British and American “sub-critical” nuc