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Trident Cost Escalates

Des Browne has announced a substantial increase in the amount that is being spent on nuclear weapons.  In reply to a question from Nick Harvey MP he said that  a total of £5.8 billion would be spent over the 3 years of the Comprehensive Spending Review.  Annual expenditure is rising from a current figure of £1.5 billion to £2.1 billion in 2010-11.

Huhne Against Trident Replacement

Liberal Democrat leadership contender Chris Huhne has moved to seize the initiative from his front-running rival Nick Clegg by breaking with party policy on keeping Britain's Trident nuclear missiles.

Huhne told The Observer it would be 'ridiculous' to spend up to £15bn updating the ageing submarine-based nuclear arsenal, describing it as a Cold War relic. He also argued this would risk further tying Britain to American policies, something he suggested should be avoided in the wake of the Iraq war.

Scotland's Future Without Nuclear Weapons

The Scottish Government has hosted a summit - A National Conversation: Scotland's Future Without Nuclear Weapons - to discuss the implications of the UK Government's decision to replace the Trident system on Scotland.

The summit in Glasgow followed a vote in the Scottish Parliament on June 14 in which Holyrood registered its opposition to the proposal in the UK Government White Paper, The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent, to replace the existing Trident defence system.

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Minister for Parliamentary Business Bruce Crawford represented the Scottish Government among representatives from churches, trade unions, local authorities, and Government to discuss the impact of the UK Government's decision on devolved areas of responsibility and how best to present the Scottish view.

MOD Admit Scottish Ministers Could Block Trident

Plans to refurbish the Clyde naval bases to accommodate a replacement for the Trident nuclear weapons system could be stymied by Scottish Ministers, according to an internal memo from the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

A new dry dock for servicing nuclear submarines would require planning permission while other developments would be subject to a raft of pollution controls. These are all the responsibility of the Scottish Government, not Westminster.

Former Lord Advocate Queries Trident's Legality

The former Lord Advocate, Lord Murray, is seeking advice from the current holder of the office, Eilish Angiolini, on the legality of Trident nuclear missiles.

Lord Murray was one of a delegation of campaigners who  made a submission to the Lord Advocate, calling on her to examine evidence that the nuclear deterrent, housed at Faslane naval base on the Clyde, may be illegal under international law

171 Arrests at Faslane

At least 171 people were arrested on the last day of the year long Faslane 365 protest for taking non-violent direct action at the home of BritainÂ’s Trident nuclear weapons submarines. .

Around 600 protestors from across the UK and Europe non-violently shut down road access to the base on the Clyde from around dawn. Some used tubes with their arms locked on to one another to make their removal more difficult, whilst others superglued themselves together. Both gates to the base were blocked as was the road to the nearby Royal Naval Armaments Depot at Coulport, where the Trident nuclear missiles are stored.

Safety of nuclear bomb assembly plant

The Ministry of Defence has ignored warnings from nuclear safety inspectors and has
continued to assemble Trident nuclear weapons in facilities which the Health and Safety
Executive says do not meet modern safety standards.

MOD Projects Over Budget

leftThe Ministry of Defence's 20 biggest weapon projects are £2.6 billion over budget and 36 years behind schedule according to the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

New CND Report on Trident & Employment

A new CND Report, Trident & Employment: The UKÂ’s industrial and technological network for nuclear weapons makes clear that replacing the Trident  weapons system will have a detrimental impact on employment.

Salmond calls for ban on nuclear convoys

leftThe First Minister of the Scottish Government has called for a ban on the convoys transporting Trident nuclear weapons. He has announced that a summit will take place on nuclear weapons and that this issue will be considered.