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STUC rally

Scottish CND is supporting the STUC march and rally "a future that works" on Saturday 20 October. Assemble in George Square, Glasgow at 11 am and march to a rally in Glasgow Green. We will have "Cut Trident" placards.

Scottish CND response to recent Terror attacks

The thoughts of Scottish CND are with the families and friends of those who were victims of the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

Work at the UK's Biggest Festivals and Raise Funds for CND!


Stirling University CND are raising money this summer by providing volunteers to the Workers' Beer Company, who run bars at music festivals and is owned by Battersea and Wandsworth TUC. 

Queens of the Stone Age Concert: 30th June 2018
Finsbury Park Festival: 1st July 2018
Lovebox and Citadel: 13th - 15th July 2018

You'll need to do a maximum 7 hour shift per day (usually less than this) serving alcohol in a bar. In return, you'll be provided with accommodation, one hot meal per day and transport to and from the festival (provided you make your own way to regional pick up point). 

All the time you're not working, you have free access to the festival and the time's your own. You'll also get 2 drinks vouchers per shift worked which can be exchanged for a pint of beer or cider or a glass of wine (soft drink option available). 

For each hour you work, Scottish CND will receive £7 which will go towards funding the campaign for nuclear disarmament and projects such as this summer's Peace Academy (applications still open). 

Attempt to Bury News of Missile Defence Base Attacked

CND wholeheartedly welcomes the comments made by the Commons Foreign Affairs Committee The Committee has strongly criticised the Government�s attempt to sneak out the announcement that the American-run base of RAF Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire is to form part of the US Missile Defence system.


The influential committee of MPs said that they �regret the manner and timing of the Government's announcement�and the resulting lack of Parliamentary debate on the issue� referring to the release of the news as a written statement on the last day before Parliament broke for the summer.


In February then-Prime Minister Tony Blair had promised a full debate �when we have a proposition to put�. Just weeks before the announcement of the decision, a minister told the Commons "discussions are at an early stage and there are no formal proposals". In apparent contradiction to these statements, the decision was announced in July. In response, the Committee �recommend that the Government inform us of the date on which it received the formal proposal from the US to include Menwith Hill in the BMD system�. They also call for a full Parliamentary debate on the proposals. 


US withdraws Nukes from Lakenheath

Nuclear weapons' expert Hans Kristensen has disclosed that, according to his sources,
the US has withdrawn its B61 nuclear bombs from the airbase at Lakenheath in East Anglia.
In 2000 there were believed to be 480 US nuclear weapons in Europe. The largest number were 
at Lakenheath which is thought to have stored 110 of the bombs.
He earlier reported that in 2004 President Bush authorised the withdrawal of nuclear
weapons from Ramstein in Germany. There have been a series of reports from within the
US military, expressing concern about the security and role of these bombs deployed at
Airbases across Europe.
The news has not yet been confirmed by the Government or the MoD in the UK.


Plutonium Shipments Stopped

Top-secret shipments of weapons-ready plutonium through British waters have been stopped, after their exposure by the Independent on Sunday. The Department for Transport (DfT) said that it had taken "regulatory action" to prohibit the shipments from Sellafield to Normandy on an unarmed old roll-on, roll-off ferry, with few safety or security features. The prohibition, the first of its kind, was imposed after complaints by the French nuclear safety authorities.

The shipments – denounced by nuclear weapons experts as "madness" and "totally irresponsible" – were carrying hundreds of kilograms of plutonium-dioxide powder, described as the ideal material for terrorists seeking to create a nuclear explosion or make a dirty bomb. Only 10kg of the plutonium, experts claim, would be needed to make a terrorist atomic weapon.

John Large, an independent nuclear expert, called it "the most dangerous and worst possible material you could ship". The first shipment – in the converted ferry Atlantic Osprey – was about to leave Cumbria for a French nuclear complex at Cap la Hague in March, when the plan was exposed in The IoS.

Astute Submarine Programme Under Review

leftBAE Systems has started a review of its troubled Astute nuclear submarine programme after discovering problems that could further delay the Royal Navy taking charge of the first vessel. The £3.8bn project to design and build the first three attack submarines has for years been overshadowed by rising costs and was the subject of a huge rift between BAE and the Ministry of Defence  But the two sides have presented a united front , saying that they had launched a review "to determine how best to minimise the impact on the programme. A formal announcement will be made at the appropriate time."

It is understood the difficulties relate to a series of issues, including electrical faults and delays getting components. But BAE, which is constructing the vessels at Barrow-in-Furness, has also faced severe workforce skill shortages.

The company, Europe's largest defence business, was "confident" that the first Astute would meet its timetable of 2009, but admitted there was no certainty of this until the review was complete.

Stop the Slaughter

As we go to press the world watches in horror at the unfolding tragedy that is Gaza. Israel’s bombing campaign and ground offensive has left hundreds dead and thousands injured. Across the world millions have demonstrated their solidarity with the people of Gaza and the United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire and lifting of the blockade

Risk of nuclear disaster at Faslane shiplift

ImageFolllowing a Freedom of Information request from Scottish CND the Ministry of Defence have released risk assessments for a major nuclear accident on the shiplift at Faslane.   The heavily redacted internal reports say that the risk is "close to the tolerability criterion level".

No to NATO protest Perth

The No to NATO coalition have organised a protest outside the SNP conference on Friday 19 October. The conference is taking place in the Concert Hall, Mill St, Perth. The protest will be from 12 noon to 5 pm, when the conference is debating a possible move away from the SNP's current opposition to membership of NATO. Buses have been booked from Glasgow and Edinburgh