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CND To Commemorate 20th Anniversary Of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

CND will mark the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster with a Parliamentary public meeting on Wednesday 26 April at 7 pm. The meeting, “

Sound of Silence in Faslane Court

Trident Ploughshares Press Release The local court closest to the British nuclear weapon base at Faslane on the Clyde was given unusual testimony i

Chernobyl Toll May Top 90,000

A Greenpeace Report states that more than 90,000 people were likely to die of cancers caused by radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, counter

Nuclear Facilities - Bruce Kent\'s Times Letter

Sir, A new approach to the crisis over IranÂ’s nuclear activities is badly needed. Let the President of Iran invite the heads of all the eight states

Homily Preached By Cardinal Keith Patrick OÂ’Brien on Easter Sunday

Promise of Peace: Another Easter reality is the promise of peace which accompanies so many resurrection appearances. When Jesus meets the frighten

BishopsÂ’ Conference of Scotland Trident Statement

The Bishops of Scotland welcome the Prime Minister’s recent comment that there should be the “fullest possible” public debate on the Trident nuclear m

Europe Moves Closer to Sanctions on Iran

Europe has moved closer to trade sanctions and visa bans against Iran, but EU foreign ministers rejected any idea of military force against Tehran for

CND Warns Against Nuclear Attack On Iran

CND has strongly warned against US plans to attack Iran, as revealed by Seymour Hersh in the most recent edition of the New Yorker magazine. Mr Hersh

The Iran Plans - Seymour Hersh\'s New Yorker Article

The Bush Administration, while publicly advocating diplomacy in order to stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon, has increased clandestine activitie

British nuclear test linked to new US warheads

An article in the Times establishes that the subcritical test of part of a British warhead in February was linked to plans to build new American nucle