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Britain \'complicit\' in Human Rights Abuses at Camp Delta

Britain has been complicit in the human rights abuses committed by US authorities at Guantanamo Bay prison camp. Drawing on exhaustive interviews with

Shias react to Mosque Killings in Iraq

Shia leaders have reacted furiously to a US-Iraqi raid on a mosque which they claim killed 37 people. A further 21 bodies were found in and around Bag

CND Demands Full Debate on Dangerous \'Star Wars\' System

CND has expressed outrage at a US statement that Britain may host interceptor missiles for the US \'Star Wars\' system. Lt Gen Trey Obering, head of t

New UK Submarine Nearing Completion

Britain\'s latest nuclear submarine is nearing completion. HMS Astute, constructed at Barrow, will be the Royal Navy\'s biggest, most powerful attack

Britain Not Doing Enough To Pursue Nuclear Disarmament

While John Reid has been silent on the GovernmentÂ’s plans for replacing Trident, the Defence Committee is conducting its own inquiry. Today a former s

60% Oppose Military Action in Iraq

Three years after the Iraq invasion, some 60% of people polled for BBC 2\'s Newsnight,said military action was the wrong thing to do with fewer than a

Dounreay Stores Nuclear Waste from Six Countries

The Government has admitted that nuclear waste from six countries is stored at Dounreay in answers to parliamentary questions from Orkney and Shetland

Demonstration Calls For End Of Iraq Occupation & End Nuclear Hypocrisy

CND, the Stop the War Coalition and the Muslim Association of Britain have called a national demonstration for Saturday 18 March in Central London. Th

CND Calls For MoD Participation In Trident Inquiry

CND has called for the Ministry of Defence to fully and transparently participate in the Defence Select CommitteeÂ’s Inquiry into a possible replacemen

Ministers Reject Calls to Discuss Trident Replacement

Ministers are refusing to appear before a Commons Inquiry into the future of Britain\'s nuclear weapons despite Government promises of an open debate