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Local Authorities have over £700m in Arms Companies

Local authorities in Britain hold £723m of investments in the world\'s largest arms companies, according to figures released under the Freedom of Info

Faslane 365 - Guardian Letter

On October 1-3 this year, there will be a gathering at the Faslane nuclear submarine base near Glasgow for women who went to Greenham - and all who wi

Nuclear Power Debate Scottish Parliament

A debate was held on nuclear power in the Scottish Parliament on 4 May. The motion read: *S2M-4329 Shiona Baird (Green): Pledge Against New Nuclea

Trident Replacement Debate Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament held a debate on Trident Replacement on 4 May. Neither the motion nor any of the amendments were agreed. A Conservativ

Bush Seeks Funds for Anti-Satellite Weapons

George W. Bush\'s proposed fiscal year 2007 budget contains a request for $5.7 million to test fire a ground-based laser into space to try to hit a sa

Nuclear Waste Panel Recommend Deep Disposal

The UK Government has been advised by an official panel to dispose of nuclear waste by burying it deep underground – the same solution it has already

Write to Your MP on NATO

Please write to your MP, at House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA. In the context of the Trident replacement debate,ask your MPÂ’s Opinion on the UKÂ’s po

Bush Was Warned There Were No WMD by CIA

The Central Intelligence Agency tried to warn the Bush administration on the eve of the 2003 invasion of Iraq that Saddam Hussein did not appear to ha

£147 Million Wasted at Aldermaston

CND has reacted with alarm to the recent Defence Select Committee report detailing the loss of £147 million at the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establis

Chernobyl \'still causing cancer in British children\'

More than a third of Britain is still contaminated by radioactivity from the Chernobyl disaster twenty years ago, and children are getting cancer as a