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Europe Moves Closer to Sanctions on Iran

Europe has moved closer to trade sanctions and visa bans against Iran, but EU foreign ministers rejected any idea of military force against Tehran for

CND Warns Against Nuclear Attack On Iran

CND has strongly warned against US plans to attack Iran, as revealed by Seymour Hersh in the most recent edition of the New Yorker magazine. Mr Hersh

The Iran Plans - Seymour Hersh\'s New Yorker Article

The Bush Administration, while publicly advocating diplomacy in order to stop Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon, has increased clandestine activitie

British nuclear test linked to new US warheads

An article in the Times establishes that the subcritical test of part of a British warhead in February was linked to plans to build new American nucle

Iraq Health Money Runs Out

A plan to build 142 health clinics in Iraq has run out of money with only 20 of the centres completed. The contract, awarded to the US company Par

US & UK Co-operation on Missile Defence - BASIC Press Release

BASIC can reveal that Britain IS deepening its cooperation with the United States on missile defence, but is unlikely to agree to host missile interce

CND Urges Opposition To Attack On Iran

CND today expressed extreme concern over reports in the Sunday Telegraph that a US-led attack on Iran is ‘inevitable’, if Teheran fails to comply with

We Don\'t Need Nuclear Shield says Bradford Academic

Britain would have \"much more leverage\" in international politics if it ditched the nuclear weapons it uses to protect itself from attack, according

House of Lords Ruling Gags Peace Campaigners

Lord Bingham with four other Lords has turned down the appeal of 20 peace campaigners.The campaigners had argued that when they acted to prevent the w

Heritage Foundation\'s Views on U.S.-U.K. Relations After Blair

Most observers believe Brown won\'t diverge significantly from Blair\'s foreign policy, but it\'s likely that he\'ll edge left - toward the Labour Par