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US Memo Reveals Truth About Iraq

A leaked cable from the US embassy in Baghdad signed by the ambassador paints a grim picture of Iraq as a country disintegrating in which the real rul

Peace Activist On Terrorism Charge

The Government faces a test of its new anti-terror legislation after deciding to proceed with charges against a peace activist arrested while protesti

CND Condemns US Double Standards Threats On Missile Testing

CND has condemned hints by the US Department of Defence that the US may use its missile defence system to shoot down a predicted North Korean missile

Germany Calls for Reduction in Nuclear Arsenals

Germany has called for the world\'s leading nuclear powers to reduce their atomic arsenals as they press Iran to curb its nuclear programme. Foreig

Scottish Delegation Refused Access to Aldermaston

A Group of Scottish politicians and religious leaders were denied access to AWE Aldermaston.Their visit was to investigate claims that the site is pro

Blix:- Britain is at nuclear crossroads

Hans Blix, the UN\'s chief weapons\' inspector, will tell a delegation of Scottish church leaders and politicians that Britain is \"at a crossroads

The Terror of An Attack on a Nuclear Convoy

from Sunday Herald, 11 June 2006 A terrorist attack on a nuclear weapons convoy could cause \"considerable loss of life\" and prevent the UK from f

Sellafield Admits Safety Breach

British Nuclear Group faces an unlimited fine after pleading guilty to safety breaches following a radioactive leak.Magistrates at Whitehaven decided

CND Chair To Join Weapons Inspection At Aldermaston

Kate Hudson, CND Chair,will take part in a high-profile visit to the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston, where BritainÂ’s nuclear weapons are

MSPs and Scottish church leaders to challenge Aldermaston

Press release from Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament 8/6/06 On Monday 12th June a delegation from Scotland will question why more than a bi