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Jeremy Greenstock questions Trident decision

leftFormer British Ambassador to the UN, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, has questioned the decision to renew Trident and the message that it sends to other countries. 

B52 loaded with nuclear weapons by mistake


A US Air Force B52 flew 1,500 miles across the United States armed with nuclear weapons without authorisation.

The aircraft was loaded with nuclear armed Advanced Cruise Missiles by mistake.  The incident happened on 30 August and has been criticised in Congress.

Edwards Wants To "Rid the Planet" of Nuclear Weapons

Democratic candidate John Edwards says if he's elected US President, one of his goals will be getting rid of nuclear weapons

Aldermaston's new bomb

leftThe Herald newspaper have reported on Britain's plan to build a new "High Surety Warhead".  This is likely to be linked to the US programme for a "Reliable Replacement Warhead".  The MoD has been very reticent about what is going on at Aldermaston.  They have refused to give detailed answers to questions asked in Parliament, or to divulge their plans to the Defence Committee of the House of Commons.

US to upgrade more Trident warheads


The Bush administration have increased the number of Trident warheads which will be upgraded and made more accurate.  The proportion to be modernised has risen from 25 % to 63 %.  The new plan is to upgrade around 2,000 Trident warheads.  Britain has a similar programme to upgrade the current Trident warheads at Aldermaston.

Polaris missile handling incident

leftDeclassified reports of a missile handling incident at Coulport in 1987 reveal that there were serious concerns about the safety of a crane which was used to move Polaris nuclear missiles.  This was reported by Rob Edwards,

Designation of new British warhead project

Jeffrey Lewis has said on Arms Control Wonk that a new Aldermaston bomb would be called the "High Surety Warhead"

"I've learned that the British are now considering their own 'reliable replacement warhead' program ( with many of the same capabilities) as one option for Trident replacement, a warhead notionally called the 'High Surety Warhead'".


New Nuclear Power Plants Unlikely Before 2020

No nuclear power plants are likely to be built in Britain before 2020, if they are built at all, which will be too late to fill the country's looming power generation gap, according to a new report..

Clinton and Obama on nuclear weapons


In a recent survey Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama both indicated that they were opposed to plans to build a new nuclear warhead, the Reliable Replacement Warhead (RRW).  However both fell short of giving a clear commitment to scrap the project. 

The decision taken by the next President on new US nuclear weapons will have a major impact on British nuclear options.

New reactor for Trident may be built at Dounreay

The Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has revealed
that Government plans to replace the Trident nuclear weapon
system could result in a new nuclear reactor being built at Dounreay,
Rear Admiral Matthews, who is heading the programme to replace
Trident, has said that a new design of reactor will be required
for the new submarines.  Rolls Royce have indicated that this
will use a substantially different process than earlier submarine
reactors.  This means that a land-based prototype will be required. 
The prototypes for both of the earlier Naval reactors, PWR1 and
PWR2 were both built at HMS Vulcan, Dounreay.   The PWR2
prototype is operational today and is due to close in 2014.