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Letters on Obama and Trident

In two letters to the Sunday Herald Isobel Lindsay and Rob Irving question the impact that Obama's policy will have on the UK Government's plan to replace Trident

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Trident - It's not a done Deal

In March 2007 the Westminster Parliament voted to endorse the replacement of Britain’s Trident submarine fleet with over 160 MPs voting against. But this was only the first step - not parliament’s final word.

A People's Budget for Peace

While the Government has been squandering billions on overseas wars and nuclear weapons, Scotland’s for Peace has asked organisations and individuals to suggest how they think this money should be spent. A wide range of proposals have been received for the People’s Budget for Peace. Amongst those who have submitted ideas are: Article 12 in Scotland, Campaign Against the Arms Trade (Edinburgh), Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien, Church & Society Council of the Church of Scotland, Communist Party of Scotland, Educational Institute of Scotland, Iona Community, Jubilee Scotland, Justice & Peace Scotland, Midlothian Trades Council, Oxfam Scotland, Quakers Scotland, Scottish Islamic Council, Scottish Refugee Council, Socialist Labour Party and T&G (Unite).

US takes over Aldermaston

and plans a new bomb assembly factory and plans a new bomb assembly factory


On Friday 19 December, the day after the House of Commons closed for Christmas, it was announced that US companies now control two thirds of AWE Management Ltd, the company that runs the Atomic Weapons Establishment. One third of the company had been in the hands of Government-controlled BNFL. However this share has just been sold to the US company Jacobs Engineering.

Letter from America

We had planned to write the obligatory column about the departure of George W. Bush from the White House, but you've heard all the shoe jokes by now. And we'll wait and see whether Barack Obama carries through on his promises to close Guantanamo, end the practices of warrantless wiretapping, torture and rendition, and begin the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

60 Years of NATO


The 60th anniversary year of NATO’s formation will require not just protest but education to strip away the image of a cosy club and show its reality as a nuclear military alliance increasingly drawn into global military adventures. The developments in NATO post-1989 have exposed the hollowness of the claims it made in the previous decades.

Obama on nuclear weapons

In his inauguration speech on 20 January President Barack Obama said:


"With old friends and former foes, we'll work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat"


Scottish CND Chair Alan Mackinnon has written two articles on the impact the new administration could have on nuclear disarmament.

Hutton's response to Generals

ImageDefence Minister John Hutton has repeated the Government's line that the cost of replacing Trident will not come from planned spending on conventional forces.

“The nuclear deterrent will not be funded at the expense of the conventional capabilities required by our armed forces."

He was speaking in response to a letter in the Times on 16 January from three former senior military figures.  But if the money is not coming from the normal defence budget, then spending on Trident is at the expense of other Departmental budgets, such as Health and Education.

Stop the Slaughter

As we go to press the world watches in horror at the unfolding tragedy that is Gaza. Israel’s bombing campaign and ground offensive has left hundreds dead and thousands injured. Across the world millions have demonstrated their solidarity with the people of Gaza and the United Nations has called for an immediate ceasefire and lifting of the blockade