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Better Things


Words & Music: Karine Polwart
(Bay Songs Ltd 2007)
So is this the best that we can do?
Oh I can think of better things - can't
Yes I can think of better things
That hands can make and hearts can
For now we deal with those for whom
A life is but a carnal tomb
In which the darkness holds no power
And neither does the fi nal hour
We may lament the deadly art
Of tiny atoms torn apart
Of visions that we can't return
And future fi res in which we fear we'll
Yet this is the art of those before
Who found a cure within the core
The noble mind behind the ray
That eased our earthly cares away



James and Scottish CND


Faslane safety scheme ignores collison



The safety scheme for a nuclear accident at Faslane does not take proper account of the risks from a submarine which has been damaged at sea and then limps into the base.  This has been revealed shortly after HMS Vanguard was sneaked into the Faslane shiplift for repairs after colliding with its French counterpart.

Collision sub caught on video



The damaged nuclear submarine HMS Vanguard was filmed by Scottish CND as it moved from one hiding place to another in the early hours of the morning of Friday 20 February.  Since the weekend the vessel had been concealed inside the Explosive Handling Jetty at Coulport.  At midnight it moved out of Coulport and was towed to Faslane.  Here it was placed inside the shiplift.  Once in the shiplift doors were closed.  The whole operation was completed before first light.


Video (1.5 Mb Windows Media)

UK-French Trident sub collision

ImageScottish CND today called for all Trident submarines to be immediately taken off patrol following the news that HMS Vanguard collided with its French equivalent, Le Triomphant, in the Atlantic on 3/4 February.  Both vessels are reported to have been damaged. 



John Ainslie, Coordinator of Scottish CND said:



“This highlights the danger of keeping nuclear submarines at sea when there is no threat to Britain.  Trident is a danger to us all and does nothing to improve our security. At the very least these vessels should immediately be confined to base. The Government’s plan to spend billions on new Trident submarines should be scrapped.”


Cracking under pressure

Scottish CND report on reactor problems on Polaris submarines

Faslane Nuclear Accident

Exercise carried out in 1997

Stop Iraq War

Information on campaigning against the war in Iraq is available at:Image

Stop the War Coalition (London)

Edinburgh Stop the War Coalition


Archive on campaigning against the invasion of Iraq in Scotland.


Fears Over Nuclear Waste Dump Being Washed Away

BRITISH Nuclear Group may be stopped from burying more low-level nuclear waste at Drigg in West Cumbria. umbria County Council is worried that rising

Secret Plan for a New Trident Warhead

The government is spending a staggering £5 billion on a new building programme at Britain’s nuclear bomb factory at Aldermaston. Annual expenditure has risen from £493m in 2005/06 to an estimated £950m for 2010/2011, almost doubling the annual expenditure.