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Brown on Disarmament and France

Speaking in response to French President Sarkosy's announcement that France would rejoin NATO's military command structures, Gordon Brown refered to the prospect for nuclear disarmament:

"I do welcome France's announcement that at the NATO summit on April 3 and 5  ... they will announce that they will return to the inner core of NATO ..

"I also believe that there are opportunities for co-operation, not just between France and Britain, but between the rest of the world in nuclear disarmament"

He added that both Britain and France were keen that there should be a "wider deal" on nuclear arms in the next few years.

Hope for new US-Russian disarmament deal

ImageHilary Clinton has indicated that there would be renewed commitment to negotiate a new nuclear arms reduction pact between Russia and the US.  Speaking in Geneva on 6 March she said:  "We intend to have an agreement by the end of the year. This is the highest priority to our governments".


US forgot how to make secret Trident material

ImageIn March 2008 Scottish CND claimed that US scientists were having difficulty remanufacturing FOGBANK, a key material used in the W76 Trident warhead, and that this was holding up their plan to refurbish W76.  (Fogbank - Word Doc)

A year later a report for Congress has confirmed for the first time that this is correct.  The publication also reveals that the delay came about because scientists no longer had detailed records of how to make the secret material.

Submarine Accidents

On 26 May the Faslane based submarine HMS Superb collided with rocks in the Red Sea 80 miles South of Suez.

Doublespeak on nuclear proliferation

Bill Kidd MSP attended the 2008 Preparatory Committee for
the Non Proliferation Treaty review conference in 2010 on
behalf of Scottish CND

Into the lions den


When the secretary of Dunfermline Labour party asked me to participate in a debate on Trident Replacement I gladly accepted. Putting the case in favour of Trident was to be a full time AMICUS official speaking in his personal capacity (Amicus has recently adopted a position of opposition to Trident Replacement). He must be a brave man, I thought. It has proved very difficult to fi nd Labour Party or trade unions fi gures who will publicly argue the case for Trident renewal. Little did I realise that it was me, not my opponent, who was walking into the lion’s den.

Letter From America

In our very first Letter from America 2 years ago we asserted that petrol in the US was “heading toward $4 a US gallon” – a price that was reached in the UK about 10 years ago, and triple what prices were in the US just 6 years ago.

Hypocrisy in Geneva

The recent Non Proliferation Treaty Prepcom in Geneva confirmed the hypocrisy that lies at the heart of British foreign policy.


a DVD by Nukewatch and Camcorder Guerillas

At CND's global summit at London's City Hall in February, activists and experts explored the options for a nuclear weapon-free world, the two strands often interweaving and overlapping.

Scottish CND

Scottish CND

Peace Chain Around Faslane
Saturday 14th June
11.30am Assemble faslane Peace Camp
12 noon March off to form chain
Buses from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen.
Bookings and other information 0141 423 1222


Scotland’s for Peace


Spend £15 billion in 5 years
Invest in health, education, affordable housing, tackle
climate change, end poverty at home and abroad
Replace Trident and wage wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
October 25th October 2008
George Square, Glasgow


Scottish CND

Annual Conference 2008

Sat 22nd November
STUC, 333 Woodlands Road, Glasgow