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Letter from Cardinal O'Brien

ImageThe Times has printed a letter from Cardinal O'Brien on the moral case for scrapping Trident.

A recent editorial in this paper on Trident, noting that “national defence is one of the cardinal duties of the statesman”, caused me to reflect on the moral duties of a cardinal.

Letter from Nuclear Free Local Authorities

ImageGeorge Regan, Dundee councillor and chair of UK Nuclear Free Local Authorities has written to the Guardian to highlight public opposition to wasting billions on replacing Trident.

MPs write to Brown on Trident decision

Today over 30 MPs have written to the Prime Minister and the Defence Secretary demanding that parliament has further discussion on Trident replacement before a government decision to advance to the next stage. Currently the government plans to take this decision during the Parliamentary recess.

Trident should be part of Defence Review

The Government have announced that there will be a review of Defence spending. But there are signs that it will not include Trident.  Ask your MP to support a new Motion calling for Trident to be included. Send them an email by following this link -



Majority oppose Trident Replacement

ImageThe Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament welcomed today a Guardian/ICM poll" showing that a majority of Britons, 54%, want the country to rid itself of nuclear weapons. Only 42% favour the replacement of Trident with a new generation of nuclear weapons.

Lib Dems oppose Trident Replacement

Nick Clegg's announcement that the Liberal Democrats would not replace Trident was given a warm welcome by the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Committee calls for Trident debate

Scottish CND has welcomed a call from the Foreign Affairs Committee for a debate this year on Trident Replacement. 

Vanguard back on patrol

ImageThe Trident submarine HMS Vanguard is back on patrol following the collision with its French equivalent, Le Triomphant.  Meanwhile HMS Victorious recently test fired a missile on the US Eastern range off Florida.

Ask your MP to delay Trident decision

ImageTake two minutes to tell your MP to back our demand: Delay the Trident Initial Gate decision

Over 150 MPs have now signed Jeremy Corbyn's EDM entitled 'Parliamentary Scrutiny of Trident Replacement'.  Despite the government's commitment to ensure regular reports to Parliament on the progress of replacing Trident, the decision will take place during this summer's parliamentary recess - preventing MPs from scrutinising and discussing the report.   The demand from MPs is growing - make sure yours signs up as well.

Click here and take two minutes to lobby your MP to sign EDM 660 'Parliamentary Scrutiny of Trident Replacement'.

Call to new Defence Minister

ImageCND has called on new Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth MP to recognise how unpopular the government's Trident plans are and to delay the 'Initial Gate' decision as his first act in the job.