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START follow-on and modernisation

ImageThe proposed US-Russian arms deal to continue and extend the START treaty will require ratification by the Senate.  Republican Senator Jon Kyl from Arizona has submitted an amendment which would make support for the Treaty conditional on the President modernising the nuclear weapons infrastructure and having a plan to retain a safe, secure and reliable nuclear arsenal.

Faslane oil spill shows poor safety standards

ImageScottish CND today claimed that the recent oil spill at Faslane, which has contaminated eider ducks in the Gareloch and resulted in the death of at least one bird, is only the latest example of the poor safety standards at the Trident base.

Aldermaston recruits computer gamers

ImageThe Atomic Weapons Establishment at Aldermaston are recruiting someone with experience of designing computer games to help train nuclear weapon scientists.  The job advert indicates they are particularly looking for someone with experience of Crysis, a first person shooter game in which the player fights with North Koreans and aliens.

Suspcious submarine activity off Western Isles

A submarine has been reported to have been acting suspicously off the Isle of Scalpay in the Western Isles on Friday 24 July. 

General Guthrie says scale back Trident

ImageGeneral Lord Guthrie has said that the plans to replace Trident should be scaled back and the savings used to recruit more soldiers. Lord Guthrie was Chief of Defence Staff from 1997 to 2001 and is advising Conservative leader David Cameron on defence issues.

David Davis calls for delay in replacing Trident

ImageWriting in the Financial Times, the senior Conservative MP David Davis argues that there is no need to go ahead immediately with the plan for a like-for-like replacement for Trident.  He argues that the focus should be on how to make the current system last longer, rather than on how to replace it.

Malloch-Brown questions Trident

ImageThe Foreign Office Minister Lord Malloch-Brown has questioned whether the Government should be replacing Trident. He was speaking to the Telegraph only days before he steps down from his post.  The newspaper says that he "questioned the value of Britain’s planned £20 billion replacement of the Trident nuclear deterrent".

Ditch Trident and go to Mars

ImageOn the anniversary of Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon it has been suggested that Britain could mount its own manned mission to Mars instead of replacing Trident.  Writing in the Telegraph, Will Heaven points out that in 2002 the Russians announced a plan to lead a manned mission to the Red Planet for $20 billion, less than the cost of replacing Trident.

Call for clarity on future of Trident

ImageOver the last 24 hours there have been confusing signals from the Government on their plans to replace Trident.  Alan Mackinnon, Chair of Scottish CND, said:


“Gordon Brown should end the confusion over Trident Replacement.  As a first step the Prime Minister should confirm that the Initial Gate for the project has been postponed until 2010.  It would be even better if he recovered his lost moral compass and decided to cancel Trident and its replacement altogether.”

Confusion over Trident timetable

ImageThere have been reports that the Initial Gate decision on progressing with Trident Replacement, which had been scheduled to be made in September, will been delayed. However MoD have said there is no change to the timetable.