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Trident and Jobs presentation

This a a short presentation given by John Ainslie at the Scottish Morning Star Spring Conference 2016 with the key points on Trident and the jobs involved and the case for a Scottish Defence Diversification Agency

Watch video here

For further reading on the topic please check our Trident and Jobs Report.

Questions to ask election candidates

It would be really good if Scottish CND members and supporters could raise trident and related issues with candidates either by writing or e mail. Alternatively there may be opportunities for our members and supporters to raise questions with candidates at hustings meetings.

Tell Labour to Ditch Trident

You have 18 days to tell Labour to ditch Trident

The general public, as well as party members, are able to make submissions to the Labour Party Defence Review. Please use this opportunity to tell Emily Thornberry that you are opposed to Trident. Submissions can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The deadline is 30 April.




Nuclear trains at dangerous level crossing

Don't cross now - there's a nuclear train coming

Scottish CND today condemned the transport of highly radioactive nuclear waste  through one of the most dangerous level crossings in Scotland. According to the ABC Railway Guide, the crossing at Stevenston in Ayrshire has a Collective Risk Rating of 3 (Very High).  A busy road crosses the railway track immediately beside Stevenson railway station. 

Don't bank on the bomb

Don't Bank on the Bomb is a campaign supported by a number of organisations within the Peace Movement. The campaign aims to highlight how some banks and financial institutions support companies involved in nuclear weapons production.

Don't Bank on the Bomb are keen to make the issue of support by banks and other financial institutions for nuclear weapons production a major issue in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

We are therefore suggesting that people raise the following questions at hustings meetings with candidates or directly in writing with candidates:

1.  The Scottish National Party, the Labour Party, the Green Party are all against trident renewal, but the Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme according to reports have invested 587, 000 pounds in 2015 in 3 leading arms traders including rolls Royce which manufactures the propulsion systems( reactors ) for Trident submarines . Would you support divestment of the Scottish Parliament Pension Scheme in companies such as Rolls Royce that manufactures components of the Trident nuclear weapons system?

Help us to stop nuclear weapons convoys

Publicity around nuclear convoys has raised interest in the transport of Trident nuclear weapons around Scotland. On 10 March Brian Quail, a Glasgow pensioner and prominent member of Scottish CND, stopped a nuclear convoy as it drove through Balloch (video). 

What can I do to help?

* If you see a convoy contact Nukewatch on 0345 458 8365
* Contact your MP, MSPs and Councillor, particularly if you live in an area where the convoys pass through.
* H
elp to publicise nuclear convoys on social media (@ScottishCND and Scottish CND on Facebook)
* Help to publicise convoys with leaflets, posters and local meetings.
* Let us know if you would like to be informed of future convoys. (email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
* Select Read More for further information on these convoys.

Chernobyl? Fukushima? Scotland next?

Nuclear flasks passing through Paisley Gilmour Street Station












Five years ago on the 11th March a nuclear accident laid waste to  a large area of Japan , make it  uninhabitable to people and livestock. Today toxic trains carrying high level nuclear waste are passing along the commuter routes of central Scotland on a weekly basis. This risks an accident of a similar scale affecting people, livestock and the environment in Central Scotland.

Police harass peace campaigners over convoy

An SNP MSP will write to the Chief Constable after concern was expressed about police harassment of peace campaigners who were watching the movement of Trident nuclear weapons across Scotland. Bill Kidd said: "It seems to be a waste of police time to be stopping and questioning law-abiding peace campaigners who are simply performing a legitimate public service by keeping a watchful eye on the transport of nuclear weapons along our roads. It appears that the MOD has, without good reason, requested that police officers detain peaceful nuclear disarmers by means of carrying out spurious car searches. I will be writing to the chief constable asking that this unwarranted practise should stop henceforth".  Neil Findlay MSP (Labour) also commented, "I fully support the police in their work but they have to be absolutely clear that will not prevent peaceful, law-abiding campaigners from going about their business".

Officers from Police Scotland harassed two groups of peace campaigners in Stirling.

Nuclear Convoy filmed 8 times

A nuclear weapons convoy was filmed 8 times on Saturday 9 January:

3 am Warwickshire video 
3.18 pm M74 Hamilton services video
3.40 pm M73 video
5.20 pm Leaving Forthside Barracks Stirling video
5.35 pm Stirling Castle, Stirling Uni CND film video
5.35 pm Stirling Castle, Scottish CND film video
5.37 pm leaving Stirling onto A811 video
6.30 pm Balloch video

Bears and Bombs


A controversial car load of  soft toys followed a convoy of nuclear warheads along busy roads through Central Scotland on Saturday afternoon. The  dangerous furry cargo had picked up the convoy shortly after it crossed the border into Scotland at lunchtime on Saturday. While the  Scottish population recklessly pursued their usual Saturday afternoon pursuits of  shopping and watching the football  four nuclear warhead carriers were driving North at a steady 50 miles per hour. The soft toys  travelling in wintry weather,  were accompanied by  military police with flashing blue lights along the entire route but they were happy to wait patiently while the  convoy took a rest at Forthside Barracks in  Stirling for an hour, emerging into the  football crowds making their way home from the match.  Their route took them along the M74, M73, M9, A811 and finally the unmarked 'Haul  Road' from Lochlomondside to Coulport, arriving at 7pm.