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SNP, Plaid and Greens together against Trident

Scottish CND has welcomed the joint statement from the leaders of the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party making Trident a red line issue in a hung parliamentrliament.  Arthur West, Chair Scottish CND, said:

"We welcomes Nicola Stugeon's pledge to make abandoning Trident the key demand in terms of any SNP support in a hung Parliament. We recognise that the SNP's calls for nuclear disarmament played a key role in raising Trident during the referendum campaign. It is also valuable that Plaid Cymru and the Green party joined them in stressing that this was an unjustifiable waste of money at a time of austerity."
The stance taken by these parties is in line with a resolution adopted at Scottish CND's annual conference in November. The encouraged the parties to make Trident a red line issue and urged Scottish CND supporters to promote this approach during the election campaign.

Scottish Labour choses pro-Trident dinosaur as leader


In response to the election of Jim Murphy as Scottish Labour leader, Arthur West (Chair of Scottish CND) said: "We are disappointed that the Scottish Labour Party has chosen a pro-Trident dinosaur as its leader. Jim Murphy is a leading advocate of Trident Replacement. The party is signalling to voters across Scotland that, in a time of austerity, it supports the plan to squander £100 billion of tax-payers' money on new nuclear weapons.  It is unfortunate that Neil Findlay, a passionate campaigner for nuclear disarmament, was not selected."

See leadership candidates' views on Trident.



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On 20 January 2015 MPs voted on an SNP motion which opposed renewing Trident.

All 6 SNP MPs voted against Trident, as did 7 Labour MPs and 1 Lib Dem MP.  

Those voting for Trident were 12 Labour, 1 Conservative and 1 Lib Dem.

The remainder were not present for the vote.

Full details of Scottish MPs vote on Trident


 The following Labour MPs supported an Early Day Motion in 2014 which "urges the government not to replace Trident".

Anne Begg (Aberdeen South)
Katy Clark (North Ayrshire and Arran)
Michael Connarty (Linlithgow and Falkirk East)
Ian Davidson (Glasgow South Wesst)
Shiela Gilmore (Edinburgh East)
Mark Lazarowicz (Edinburgh North and Leith)
Graeme Morrice (Liviingston)
Sandra Osborne (Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock)


Scotland calls for nuclear ban


Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has written to the conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons which is taking place in Vienna. She said "The Scottish Government is firmly opposed to the possession, threat or use of nuclear weapons anywhere in the world".







UK dragged kicking and screaming to disarmament conference

The Sunday Herald reports that the UK government is attending an important disarmament conference, following pressure from the Scottish Government. The third conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (HINW) takes place in Vienna on 8-9 December.

Over this weekend disarmament campaigners from around the world are meeting in the same city for the ICAN Civil Society Forum in advance of the HINW conference.

Object to Faslane nuclear waste store

Please submit an objection to the MOD's plan to build a new nuclear waste store at Faslane by going to Argyll and Bute Council planning page.  Below are comments which you might find useful. 

Argyll and Bute Council should reject the proposal for a new radioactive waste facility at Faslane because there is not an “overwhelming and undisputable community benefit” from the importation and storage of radioactive waste, as required in the Council’s Local Plan.

All nuke subs in Scotland by 2020

 A report in The National says that all British nuclear submarines will be based in Scotland from 2020. We are already the unwilling host of all the nuclear-armed submarines. The nuclear-powered but conventionally-armed submarines HMS Triumph and HMS Talent will move from Plymouth to Faslane by 2020. The UK government is also planning to base its future nuclear-armed vessels, the Trident Replacement, at Faslane from 2028.





MOD orders 48 missile tubes for Trident replacement


The Ministry of Defence have ordered missile tubes for new nuclear-armed submarines, Rob Edwards reveals in an article in the Sunday Herald. £37 million is being spent on the first 12 missile tubes, part of a total order for 48 tubes for 4 submarines. This preempts the decision on how many submarines Britain will build, which is not due to be taken by the House of Commons until 2016. 

Murphy, Findlay and Boyack talk Trident

 Interviewed by Sarah Smith on Scotland 2014, the three candidates for leadership of the Scottish Labour Party set out their positions on nuclear disarmament.  Sarah Boyack said that she opposed Trident replacement, but the decision was up to Ed Miliband. Jim Murphy argued for retaining Trident and Neil Findlay called for nuclear disarmament.

BBC Iplayer (from 29:20)




Scottish Labour leadership candidates split over Trident

The candidates for leadership of the Scottish Labour party have clearly different views on Trident. Jim Murphy is an active supporter of the British nuclear weapons' programme. Neil Findlay and Katy Clark are both campaigners for nuclear disarmament.