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3 minutes from Doomsday

Since 1947 the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has each year set the "Doomsday Clock" to illustrate how close the world is to nuclear war. The clock has just been moved 2 minutes closer and now stands at 3 minutes to midnight. One reason is that the nuclear-armed nations, including the UK, are all modernising their arsenals of nuclear weapons.  

The move comes as the House of Commons rejected an SNP motion which had said that Trident should not be renewed. The final decision on this £100 billion programme will be made in 2016 by the MPs elected in May's General Election.


How MPs voted on Trident

MPs voted on the issue of Trident renewal on 20 January, on a motion put down by the SNP, Plaid Cymru and Greens. See this list of how Scottish MPs voted.  All 6 SNP MPs voted against Trident renewal.  7 Scottish Labour MPs voted against, 12 voted for and 21 were not present. 1 Scottish Lib Dem MP voted against, 1 voted for and 9 were not present. The 1 Scottish Conservative MP voted for Trident renewal.  See Hansard for the full debate.



Presentations on Trident

Below are links to three presentations on Trident which were given at the SNP CND conference on 17 January:

Trident and Trident replacement
Trident and the General election
Trident - Nowhere to go


Trident debate Tuesday

MPs will debate Trident on Tuesday afternoon (20 January) in the House of Commons.

The motion submitted the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party says: 

"That this house believes that Trident should not be renewed". 

Please contact your MP to ask them to attend the debate and to vote against Trident. You can do this on writetothem.com


Suggested letter ...


Modernisation of US Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear weapons are not like custard powder.  The customer does not use them up and then need to come back to buy some more. So if you make nuclear weapons and all your customers have them, what do you do? This is just one problem raised by campaigners from the Los Alamos Study Group during a recent visit to Scotland. 



Nuclear Convoy on Erskine Bridge in gales

The Ministry of Defence have ignored warnings of wind, rain and snow and driven nuclear weapons across the country, through Glasgow and over the Erskine Bridge. The convoy of four nuclear bomb lorries plus a very large escort left the Atomic Wepons Establishment at Burghfield in Berkshire at 9 am on Sunday 11 January. It was probably transporting new nuclear weapons to Scotland. It was tracked across the country by NukewatchThe convoy was filmed as it passed Birmingham on the M6 earlier in the day (youtube video). (Photo: @BrumNewsPhotos)

Herald letter on McTernan & Trident

It is very disappointing, if not surprising, that Jim Murphy has chosen a fellow Blairite, John McTernan, to be Chief of Staff of the Scottish Labour Party (Murphy gives Blair aid top job in election campaign, January 9). The new branch manager and his chief clerk are both staunch supporters of Trident.  Like Mr Murphy, Mr McTernan has never flinched in his willingness to defend the Bush-Blair war in Iraq.

US campaigners visit Scotland



Trish and Greg Mello from the Los Alamos Study Group gave a valuable insight into how the US is spending billions modernising its nuclear weapons. They also reported on the hopeful outcome of the Vienna conference in December.  Their presentation to the Nuclear Disarmament Group in the Scottish Parliament is available: slides (pdf) video.




Arrest for writing "peace on earth" on Faslane fence

Five people were arrested for writing "Peace on Earth" and other slogans on the fence of the Faslane nuclear weapons' base. The five were from Trident Ploughshares and included two members of Scottish CND Executive. After the group has painted "Scrap Trident - ban nukes", Brian Quail was arrested as he wrote "peace on earth" on the weldmesh fence, topped with razor wire, which surrounds the Trident base. Youtube video




Herald letter from Brian Quail on Jim Murphy and Trident

David Torrance writes that "the political ideology of Jim Murphy and Nicola Sturgeon is virtually indistiguishable". To which I can only gasp an incredulous "Eh, what?"

Mr Murphy is perfectly happy that Britain deploys H Bombs on full alert 24/7, ready to bring hell on earth to hundreds of thousands. He says Yes to this. Like myself, Ms Sturgeon says No. There can be no greater gulf in ideology, politics or religion that the chasm that separates this yes and this no.

Mr Murphy wants an end to all nuclear weapons, he says. He believes the only way to achieve this is by us keeping ours and updating them, while denouncing those who follow our example. Why complain that North Korea or any other state does what we are doing? "Don't do as I do, do as I say" is the hypocrite's mantra, and convinces nobody. 

On the Sunday Politics show on BBC One, he said: "It has no intellectual credibility to move the nuclear deterrent a few miles south to the North of England". He simply ignores the irrefutable findings of John Ainslie's report Trident - Nowhere to Go which proves that Trident can operate from nowhere else in the UK other than the Faslane / Coulport complex. A nuclear-free Scotland means a UK without Trident. End of story.