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General election - can we vote against Trident?

The General Election is on Thursday 8th June. Today is your last chance to register to vote. 

When deciding who to vote for Scottish CND are urge you to remember that nuclear weapons are not history and that Scotland could be in the firing line if the UK supported any conflict which involved nuclear weapons.



Arthur West chair of Scottish CND said

‘The Faslane base just 30 miles from Glasgow has the biggest European concentration of nuclear firepower.

‘From a Scottish perspective it is absolutely crazy that the Tory Government has said it is willing to support Trump's ideas about a pre-emptive nuclear weapons strike.

Scottish CND firmly believes that Scotland's best defence is to be known as a place of peace and disarmament and not where the UK keeps its nuclear bombs.’


We encourage you to look closely at the nuclear weapons policies of the parties contesting the General Election and use your vote wisely.

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