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Can we allow Theresa May to start with Trident Renewal?


Thanks to David Cameron’s announcement last week Theresa May’s first act as Prime Minister will be to try to push through the renewal of Trident. After many postponements the vote on Trident replacement will be rushed through on Monday 18th July.

There will be simultaneous demonstrations in towns and cities across Scotland at 12 noon this Saturday, see events list.


The vote will be on the replacement of all four submarines, to continue to operate on a so-called ‘continuous at-sea deterrence’ basis, at a lifetime cost of at least £205bn.

Opposition to Trident is strong in Scotland with the majority of our people and parliamentarians opposing it's renewal. Only one Scottish MP, David Mundell, is expected to vote in favour of renewal.


Chair of Scottish CND, Arthur West, says,
'It is really disappointing and depressing that the Tory Government have tabled a parliamentary vote on Trident replacement on July 18th. It would be highly irresponsible  for a majority of MPs to vote for a very costly Trident replacement programme  at this time of austerity and hardship for so many people in this country.'
Arthur West also said, 'Trident is completely irrelevant to the key security threats we face today such as terrorism and climate change.'

The majority of Scots are against the renewal of Trident. Our position as a country which does not want nuclear weapons but had them imposed on us and placed on our soil is unique. We say, respect Scotland, don't renew Trident.

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