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Faslane rehearses nuclear accident

Just 48 hours after a visit from George Osborne, Faslane will rehearse the effect of a nuclear accident on a submarine. Exercise Evening Star will take place on Wednesday 2nd September. A similar test last year involved evacuating some of the workforce.
John Ainslie, coordinator of Scottish CND said:
"George Osborne came to Faslane and announced that Trident keeps us safe. This exercise is a reminder that we are living next door to a nuclear time bomb. The Chancellor spoke of keeping nuclear weapons on the Clyde for the next 50 years. This would mean that the threat of a major nuclear accident would hang over Scotland for the next half century."

 The Office for Nuclear Regulation's list of exercises shows that Exercise Evening Star 15 will take place at Faslane on Wednesday 2 September. (source)
Evening Star is the annual demonstration of the emergency response to a submarine nuclear accident at Faslane. (source
During Evening Star 2014 the nuclear accident siren was activated, warnings were issued over the loudspeaker system and a number of base personnel were evacuated. (source)
A separate exercise, Long Sermon 2014, rehearsed the long-term recovery from a nuclear accident at Faslane, including psychological effects and support for the local community. (source)

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