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Tide turning against Trident

The tide may be turning against Trident.  A combination of political developments presents opportunities for the campaign against nuclear weapons.  

For more than two years Trident has been a major issue on Scotland’s political agenda. May’s election saw the SNP make an astounding breakthrough. The one surviving Labour MP, Ian Murray, has said he is opposed to Trident.  So we now have 57 of 59 Scottish MPs arguing against nuclear weapons.

The future of the British bomb has been highlighted again in recent months, as Jeremy Corbyn has been running a vigorous campaign to be Labour leader.  Jeremy has been an active campaigner against Trident and is Vice Chair of CND. He is now widely tipped as the likely winner.

The new leader of Scottish Labour, Kezia Dugdale, has said that she would not shy away from having a debate on Trident at the party’s Scottish conference.  Yet she herself is not arguing against replacing Trident.  She has removed the most prominent anti-Trident Labour MSP, Neil Findlay, from her front-bench team.

The Liberal Democrat’s stance on Trident is also in a state of flux.  They will debate Trident at their UK conference on 21 September.  As well as the SNP, the Scottish Green Party, Solidarity and the Scottish Socialist Party are all opposed to nuclear weapons.

Scottish CND has not encouraged its members to join or support any political party, including the Labour party.  But we are asking those who have a vote in the Labour leadership election to support Jeremy Corbyn. 


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