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Object to Faslane nuclear waste store

Please submit an objection to the MOD's plan to build a new nuclear waste store at Faslane by going to Argyll and Bute Council planning page.  Below are comments which you might find useful. 

Argyll and Bute Council should reject the proposal for a new radioactive waste facility at Faslane because there is not an “overwhelming and undisputable community benefit” from the importation and storage of radioactive waste, as required in the Council’s Local Plan.

The development will facilitate the continued deployment of nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed submarines in Scotland for several decades. This presents a major risk to Argyll and Bute and the rest of Scotland and does not provide a benefit to the community.

The Environmental Appraisal Report gives a misleading account of the history of waste management at Faslane.  It refers to “radioactive liquid effluent and solid waste which the Naval Base has successfully treated and disposed of since 1967” (P 1-1). On 19 November 2007, following the unauthorised discharge from HMS Superb, SEPA wrote to the MOD saying “SEPA wishes to express its concern that such an accident occurs and considers it to demonstrate inadequate radioactive waste management at HMNB Clyde”. The proposals are based, to a large extent, on continuing current practice.

The Planning Support Statement wrongly states “there will be no storage of radioactive waste on site” (page 10).  Radioactive waste will be held at Faslane for considerable periods of time before, during and after processing.  

The applicant has failed to demonstrate that the proposed practice is the Best Practicable Means. The alternatives include a fixed piping system, fixed tanks on berths, Super Transportable Effluent Tanks and discontinuing the use Portable Effluent Barges. Alternative methods of processing the waste are also available.  The Council should appoint suitably qualified independent experts to assess the comparative risk of each alternative.

An incident at Dounreay in 2012 showed that the MOD cannot guarantee the integrity of the fuel cores in submarines. The proposed facilities at Faslane are not adequate for handling coolant after a core failure.


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