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Blair must be Impeached over Iraq - General Sir Michael Rose

Wars are won when the people, government and army work together for a common cause in which they genuinely believe. Whereas the people may be initi

Online poll on nuclear power

The Sunday Herald is carrying out an online poll on nuclear power. Use the link below to let them know your views.

Armed Fanatics - Independent Letter

Why should I be afraid of a religious fanatic in Iran having \"the bomb\" but not afraid of a religious fanatic in America who has lots of \"bombs\",

£100 million Orion Laser Project Will Mimic Nuclear Explosion

On the site of an old runway in the Berkshire countryside, builders are preparing the ground for an extraordinary scientific facility that will create

Building Bigger Nuclear Weapons will Make Us Even Less Secure

George Monbiot\'s Guardian Article In nuclear politics, every action is justified by the response it provokes. The US explains its missile defence

US Consul wouldn\'t object to Police Investigation into Rendition Flights

Cecile Shea, US Consul in Scotland, has said that her statement to the Scotsman newspaper last month that British officials would not be allowed to ch

SSP Peace Spokesperson Fined for Anti-Trident Action

Trident Ploughshares Press Release In Helensburgh District Court Morag Balfour, the peace and disarmament spokesperson for the Scottish Socialist p

No Need for Nukes

Hermann Scheer explains why it is time for nuclear power to be relegated to the technology museum. The end of the fossil energy age approaches. Its

Protest Over Nuclear Weapons Base

PROTESTORS have staged a demonstration outside an American air base in Suffolk with more than 100 nuclear weapons. Around 30 good-natured anti-nuclear

Assembly Committee Must Work to Break Stalemate on Nuclear Arms

The senior United Nations disarmament official has called on the General AssemblyÂ’s security committee to break the diplomatic stalemate on nuclear ar