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Britain Not Doing Enough To Pursue Nuclear Disarmament

While John Reid has been silent on the Government’s plans for replacing Trident, the Defence Committee is conducting its own inquiry. Today a former s enior diplomat told the Committee that Britain has not been doing enough to pursue nuclear disarmament. Ambassador David Broucher led the British delegation to the Non Proliferation Treaty Conference and the Geneva Disarmament Conference. Mr Broucher said “we have ceased to pursue multilateral disarmament with the vigour we used to give it”. He suggested that Britain’s decision on replacing Trident might have an impact on nuclear proliferation. There was an opportunity for this country to take the lead. He said “I would like to see a determined effort by the UK to restart international disarmament negotiations at Geneva.” He described as “pernicious” the idea that nuclear weapons give Britain a place on the UN Security Council. If this were the case then it would encourage nuclear proliferation.