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Jack Straw on new British nuclear weapons

The following is transcript of Jack Straw interviewed on the Today programme on Radio 4 on 13 March 2006 by John Humphrys, from the BBC online audio. JH Is it true as I read yesterday in the papers that we are developing a new nuclear weapon to take over from Trident without any discussion ? JS No look let me say this, that we in the United Kingdom are meeting our obligations .. JH Are we developing a new weapon ? JS Well hang on a second. As a nuclear weapons state we are entitled to have nuclear weapons system and at the same what we have done is reduced a number of nuclear weapons systems that we have from three to one. Now there is an issue about the future of Trident but John Reid has made it perfectly clear that there will indeed be a discussion JH So we are not developing a new nuclear weapon, a successor to Trident ? JS Well as I say there is discussion about whether we do JH The answer to my question is no and lets be clear about it ? JS Well as a I say there is discussion about whether we do JH Right OK so the answer to my question is no. We are not as we speak developing a new, a successor to Trident ? JS Well as I say the answer is that we intend to keep with our nuclear weapons systems .. JH I donÂ’t know what you\'re answering, IÂ’m sorry I donÂ’t know what you are answering me here. The question is are we, as we speak this morning at 19 minutes past 8 on a Monday morning, developing a new successor to Trident ? JS We are .. JH Yes or no ? JS We are giving consideration to the development of a new system.