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CND Welcomes Common Sense Position of New Nuclear Power Report

CND today welcomed the new Report released by the Government’s independent watchdog on sustainable development, the Sustainable Development Commission . The report concludes that nuclear power is not the answer to climate change and the five major disadvantages of nuclear power are identified: long-term waste, cost, inflexibility, undermining of energy efficiency, and international security. Kate Hudson,CNDChair said: “CND is pleased to see that the discussion about nuclear power is bringing to the fore issues about nuclear weapons proliferation and terrorism threats that go hand in hand with this form of electricity production. No safe solution has yet been devised to store carcinogenic radioactive waste from nuclear power plants, some of which is dangerous for thousands of years. Nuclear power also leaves us vulnerable to the possibility of nuclear accidents or even terrorist attack.” “This new report, by the Government’s own watchdog, is yet another voice of reason adding to all those saying no to new nuclear power stations. It is simply common sense that offering nuclear power as a magic solution to climate change is a dangerous distraction from addressing the fundamental issues about energy use, and safe and sustainable energy production.”