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Liberal Leadership Candidate Chris Huhne Against Trident Replacement

In an Independent interview, Chris Huhne cited his vehement opposition to the Iraq war, which included going on the protest march in February 2003, wh ile Sir Menzies fretted about whether it was a good idea. Mr Huhne wants the troops pulled out of Iraq. And having left the Labour Party 25 years ago, partly in protest against the policy of unilateral disarmament, he is now opposed to retaining Trident. \"We need to set a timetable and we should be looking at withdrawal by the end of the year. That I think is do-able. There is accumulating evidence that because of our involvement in the invasion, and the lack of UN support for that, that we are aggravating some of the problems in Iraq instead of resolving them. And we need to tackle the residual legacy of defence decisions which were taken before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. We still have troops in Germany and we still have a deterrent, which was designed for a world in which there was a seriously aggressive superpower. I find it very hard to believe that we need to renew Trident.\"