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Faslane Invaders Admonished

Two peace activists who broke into Faslane naval base last year were admonished at Helensburgh District Court after being convicted of breaching byela ws and of malicious mischief. Sam Jones (20),a student from Helensburgh and Joss Garman (20), a student from London, cut through the outer security fence at the nuclear weapons base on 2nd January 2005, causing considerable disruption. In the week after the Boxing Day tsunami disaster they acted to highlight the way funds spent on humanitarian relief are dwarfed by the expenditure on useless and illegal weapons of mass destruction. Sentence had been deferred and today Justice of the Peace Nicholson admonished them in view of their “good behaviour” since their conviction. Joss said: “A year has passed and funds promised for the tsunami relief have not been delivered while the people of Kashmir are freezing in makeshift shelters. Huge sums are being spent on Trident and at Aldermaston on tooling up for the next generation of genocidal weapons.”