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There Must be a Debate about Nuclear Arms - Herald Letter

The SNP is reportedly trying to force a debate in the Commons about the replacement of Trident. It beggars belief that there should not be a debate a bout such an important matter. Why should the government not give their reasons in public for justifying the replacement of our existing nuclear weapons? A whole new generation has grown up since the 60s and the original debate about the principle of such a system. The Iron Curtain has now disappeared, so who are these weapons to be aimed at? They are offensive first-strike weapons, and the Ministry of Defence has shown in Iraq, on behalf of our government, how offence can readily replace defence. Apart from the principle of having newer, better nuclear weapons in this modern world, in which we are trying to get prospective nuclear powers not to indulge in this potential armageddon of an arms race, how can we justify the cost? Every one of us could think of far better things to do with the reputed £40bn proposed to be spent on Trident 2. I fear that Britain still wants to be a second-rate world power after the US and needs nuclear weapons to give it this badly-deserved status. Britain would do much to retrieve its post-Iraq status and hold its head up higher in the world by giving up nuclear weapons, not enhancing them. David Cameron, expand your attempts to change the Tory image on social inclusion and the environment, and take note! Gordon Brown, North Kessock, Ross-shire.